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Promoting Safer Driving In Ireland

This website has been developed for people who feel the need to express and share their feelings about their loved ones who have been killed on our dangerous roads. There are so many people that are killed every year, and once it has been through the media it has left most people's mind, except for their family and friend Our mission, if possible, is to make other road users aware of blackspots on our roads and highlight where the high risk areas are. Also for family and friends to interact with each other through our forum section. With this objective in mind we hope that the forum users would feel comfortable enough to put up photographs and details of the place in question and , of course , the person that died. Also please remember to have respect at all times we will not tolerate any gory or obscene pictures.

Help Build up our Website
Please help build our website, join our forum its free and simple and it could save lives.. Put as much detail as u can, the more the better.. Ask yourself this question? Even if we save just one life is it not worth it? Well is it! Let us all work together and tackle road safety.. We aim to bulid a website that saves lives. We can only do this with your help..


Stop for a moment.
Have you every stopped for a moment to think about road safety and what you can do to assist in promoting road safety? Take a few minuets out of your day to have a read through our forum and make yourself aware of some potential hazards that you may face on your next journey.